Peil na mBan | Ladies Football Fixtures 2018

March 14, 2018

Peil na mBan | Ladies Football Fixtures 2018



Naomh Éanna is a busy club, with so much happening on the sporting, language, culture and community parts of the club, it must be said that our Peil na mBan | Ladies Football developments are very exciting, the potential of the underage and senior teams is massive

At Senior level, our senior team have a super mix of established players and young emerging players. The past few years have been a platform for development and we eagerly look forward to this year’s season, the first game against Ballymena will be a litmus test and an early indicator of the forthcoming seasons potential.

At minor level there is already good news, this is the first year we have entered a team at minor level, initially the management looked along and hard at this development, with the planning and development is starting to bring the players through.

At U16, as with every age group, this is a crucial age group, but in particular for future development as the players have a step up in level and the development officers always have an overview of bring players to minor and senior levels, to strengthen the existing squads.

The representation of our footballers at schools and county level is a steady stream and we hope that the exposure at these levels will force the development at training and in preparation for games, rising of the standard of football at all levels.


Ar aghaidh linn chun bua!

                                 U16                                                                 Minor                                                                      Senior

Tuesday   Time Friday   Time Sunday   Time
27.03 NÉ v St Paul’s 6.30 13.04 NÉ v St John’s 6.30 08.04 NÉ v Ballymena 6.30
10.04 St Brigid’s v NÉ 6.30 27.04 Hannahstown v NÉ 6.30 15.04 Creggan v NÉ 6.30
17.04 NÉ v Glenavy 6.30 11.05 NÉ v St Gall’s 6.30 22.04 NÉ v St Paul’s 6.30
24.04 St John’s v NÉ 6.30 18.05 Gort v NÉ 6.30 29.04 Rossa v NÉ 6.30
01.05 NÉ v Sarsfield’s 6.30 25.05 NÉ v St Brigid’s 6.30 06.05 NÉ v St Gall’s 6.30
08.05 Moneyglass v NÉ 6.30 01.06 St John’s v NÉ 6.30 13.05 Glenravel v NÉ 6.30
26.06 NÉ v Glenravel 6.30 08.06 NÉ v Hannahstown 6.30 20.05 NÉ v St Teresa’s 6.30
03.07 St Paul’s v NÉ 6.30 22.06  St Gall’s v NÉ 6.30 27.05 Ballymena v NÉ 6.30
21.08 NÉ V St Brigid’s 6.30 29.06 NÉ v Gort 6.30 03.06 NÉ v Creggan 6.30
28.08  Glenavy v NÉ 6.30 06.07 St Brigid’s v NÉ 6.30 10.06  St Paul’s v NÉ 6.30
04.09 NÉ v St John’s 6.30     6.30 17.06 NÉ v Rossa 6.30
11.09 Sarsfield’s v NÉ 6.30     6.30 24.06 St Gall’s v NÉ 6.30
18.09  NÉ v Moneyglass 6.30     6.30 01.07 NÉ v Glenravel 6.30
25.09  Glenravel v NÉ 6.30     6.30 08.07 St Teresa’s v NÉ 6.30
    6.30     6.30     6.30


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