The Night Before… @ Naomh Éanna…


The Night Before…


As big Stephen Jennings poured out his tea,

He thought to himself well goodness me!

An Ulster final for our great club

Should I finish this cuppa or head to the club?


The players all tucked up, asleep in their beds

Dreams of glory filling their heads, 

An historic day beckons for the amber and black 

Its time big Philly hit the sack


Big Paddy Flood snuggled his Teddy

He was telling himself ‘I was born ready’

Tucked up in his onsey big Joe pushed out the zeee’s, 

Frank Fitz grabbed the rosary and feel to his knees 


‘Oh, heavenly Father look down in thy graces, please keep the smiles on the wee childers faces’

‘If we win this final, I’ll give credit to you, now get off the fence and proclaim Niamh Éanna Abu’ 


Big Gibbo awoke with a bedhead from hell

Who the **** is ringing that bell?

It’s just me said Séamus, an bhuil tú réidh? 

As he cycled past on his merry way


The Healy boys slept in and fell from their bunks

Dónall Walsh asked his ma ‘have you seen my lucky trunks’ 

Eastwood still dreaming of that clearance of the line

Big McAuley oozing confidence, this is our time!!


The aul hands were buzzing as they slapped on the Brute 

Micky ‘The Cat’ had dry cleaned his suit 

The kids in club colours, the convoy was set 

Destination Ard Mhacha, a day not to forget 


Frank Fitz splashed holy water, as he paced down the bus

Have faith now boyos.  there is no need to fuss

I spoke to our Lord last night, the big lad has our back

Today he is wearing the yellow and black


The Popes making a statement on RTÉ2

On behalf of the Vatican

Naomh Éanna Abú


written by MC


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